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PSH Whitening Vibes Shampoo

Revitalizes the color in white coats.

Whitening Vibes shampoo is the technical solution to recover and maintain the vitality of white coats.

Wet the mantle with warm water. Using your fingertips or an appropriate accessory, gently but vigorously lather the coat uniformly. Carry out an abundant rinse until the complete elimination of the product.

Kaolin is known and appreciated for its purifying, mattifying and softening properties.

This shampoo is formulated to revitalize the color in white coats, providing greater lighting and whiteness.

In addition, thanks to its delicate cleansing and purifying action, it helps to remineralize and detoxify the skin by exchanging mineral salts with toxins and impurities.

The formula also has an extra glycerin, which ensures moisture and a silky finish. Suitable for sensitive skin: colorant-free, Khaton-free and with hypoallergenic perfume.