PSH Acondicionador Green Soul
98% natural origins.

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Green Soul is the natural solution for pet hygiene. The range is made up of a Shampoo & Conditioner with 98% natural agents and an Ecocert certified Lauryl.

Apply after washing. With the fingertips or with a suitable accessory, distribute the product in the direction of the hair. Leave to act, taking advantage to untangle any knots and rinse thoroughly.

The formula contains a very special variety of green tea from Japan, which provides intense hygiene as it favors the desinflammation of the pores, resulting in fresher skin without residue.

In addition, it has the benefits of hawthorn; This plant stands out for being astringent, which is why it is used to combat excess oil on the skin and achieve shiny and soft hair. Suitable for sensitive skin: colorant-free, Khaton-free and with hypoallergenic perfume.