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Crazy Strawberry shampoo is created for short coats. Formulated with hydrolyzed yeast protein, keratin-like proteins, ideal for treating coats prone to irritation, it acts as a moisturizing and antistatic vegetable conditioner, preventing frizz.

It contains a complex of B vitamins such as biotin, niacinamide and pyridoxine. Suitable for sensitive skin: no dyes, no parebens, no Khaton, no silicones and with hypoallergenic perfume.

Available formats – 300ml
Type of product – Shampoo
Recommended Type of coat – Short Coats
Protocol – Step 1

How To Use:
Perform a wash by massaging energetically with Crazy Strawberry shampoo to remove all kinds of impurities in the coat. To achieve an optimal result, combine with a conditioner after washing, apply in the direction of the hair Crazy Strawberry Conditioner and rinse with plenty of water. And between washes, apply the Crazy Strawberry Mist to enhance nutritional results.